Whenever we talk about Nintendo games consoles, there is an imperative comparison with its contemporaries. No matter which model of Nintendo games consoles is the subject of the discussion, the Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles would inevitably pose a challenge and the cross-sectional views would be clearly opinionated and divided. Unanimity is certainly unassailable but with these gaming gadgets, even a consensus seems to be a utopia.

While there are fans and critics of all Nintendo games consoles, the latest Wii U has some unique elements that are beyond any debate. There are some attributes of the Nintendo Wii U that make it superior or a more preferable alternative to its more expensive brethrens.

  • First, Nintendo Wii U is compatible with all games launched on the Wii platform till date. You can buy the more expensive Xbox One or PlayStation 4 but even with the additional investment, you would not be able to trace your step back and play games that were compatible or available on preceding platforms of Microsoft and Sony. With Nintendo games consoles, this has always been a unique offering and that has not changed with the Wii U. While Nintendo continues to launch new gen versions of existing games and obviously there is some substantial technological evolution in the more recent games, yet you do get the chance to play the old games which have been such favorites of millions of gamers around the world.
  • Nintendo Wii U is a much less rigid gaming console. There is a feature known as the Homebrew Channel that can allow you to access and play games that are not loaded on the platform. With an SD card and an internet connection, one can activate classic game emulators, employ cheat engines, plug in DVD players and can also toy with the Wii-specific Linux distributions. You can also use the The Homebrew Channel along with the Homebrew Browser to download games and apps.
  • Nintendo games consoles have been less stubborn with games for multiple platforms and now there are cross-buy games which allow you to purchase games for a specific gaming console and by that virtue you get to play it on other Nintendo consoles. Hence, if you are buying a game for Nintendo 3DS, it will be playable on your Nintendo Wii U as well.
  • Finally, it is the GamePad that steals the show for Nintendo Wii U. It is by far the best gaming pad available right now.

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