Nowadays everyone loves to use advanced devices in order to feel the comfortability and benefits. The self balancing scooter is a new and small electronic device that helps to one man transposition. This simple device is now called as hoverboard and it is now available in various styles and designs. The users have to buy a suitable hoverboard to ride on roads very comfortably. It should be flexible to use otherwise they do not buy a hoverboard for ride on roads. The users have to read some trustworthy online reviews to easily identify the very best hoverboard. The users should be careful in selection and purchase of hoverboard because today many duplicate hoverboard are also roaming in the market. The users should consider many factors during the purchase of hoverboard to avoid issues.

Considerations to Buy a Hoverboard

Hoverboard is a new device and it can help people to transport one place into other place. The hoverboard is now available in many online stores and branded shops so users no need to worry about purchase and availability of hoverboard. The users have to check some factors while buying a hoverboard.

Hoverboard size

Hoverboard weight

Waterproof ability

Price of hoverboard

Speed and range of hoverboard

Additional features of hoverboard

These factors help buyers to select a well effective hoverboard in the market. Today is a modern day so many big companies are making hoverboards so they have to pick a top brand device. The users should buy a suitable size hoverboard in order to avoid space inconsistency issues. They should buy a good weight device to avoid breakage and other cracking issues. It should hold a man quite conveniently and it is very important to consider by every buyer. The hoverboard do not crash due to the water so users should select a waterproof hoverboard. The users should buy a good speed device in order to reach the destination without any time delay. The common people have to expect some extra features in the hoverboard. The people should not pick a hoverboard if it does not include GPS, Bluetooth, keys and other speakers. The users have to use online reviews to get some hoverboard buying tips. Actually hoverboard is not an affiliate device in some countries so users should follow the law during the purchase of very effective hoverboard.

Where to Buy a Good Hoverboard

Hoverboard is an easy device but users need to control it carefully to avoid accident issues. The hoverboard needs to be bought from good place and it is very important to get guarantee and warranty features. The users can able to save some money if they choose to buy it from reputed online shopping store. Actually reputed online stores only sell reputed products so users can avoid duplicate hoverboards quite simply if they select a good online store. The users may select a land based showroom to buy this device but they can’t get discounts. The users should think well and make a good decision about purchase of hoverboard.

No Man’s Sky has been released for about 10 days as of this time of writing but the game is now suffering from massive fan dropout.

What I mean by this is that since its launch, the player base of the game has been declining rapidly and a new statistical data has surfaced indicating this.

A Reddit user that goes by the name of “Skoonk” revealed in the game’s subreddit that No Man’s Sky suffered a massive fan dropout; approximately 90% of people who played the game ditched the game for good.

I know pretty well that most gamers will not play any gaming title forever but this is just so surprising given that No Man’s Sky was a highly anticipated game.

What is interesting is that when the game was released, around 157,000 players actively played the game. But, as the data has suggested, the player base dropped to a mere 10,000 after just 10 days since the game’s release.

Furthermore, the recent sales report of the game indicates that the game’s sales dropped by 81% starting its 2nd week.

This happened despite Hello Games releasing three patches that would’ve solved nearly all of the issues that are present in the game.

Now, there are possible explanations for this. One, the PC port of the game was mired with a lot of issues: from the game stuttering to freezing, to a lot of crashes as well.

The Playstation 4 edition, although didn’t suffer as many bugs than that of the PC version of the game, still suffered from some issues as well.

Second, back in the day, Sean Murray, one of the game developers of No Man’s Sky, indicated that they will release DLC updates of the game for free.

Although that received a lot of praises from the gaming community, once the game was released, however, things have changed.

According to Murray, they might charge for future DLC updates as, according to him, it would be impossible to develop the game without any money.

The statement then gained a lot of ire because a lot of people really expects Hello Games to deliver free DLC updates in the future. This probably contributed to the massive decline in the player base.

And lastly, the promotional materials that were used to hype this game up was misleading. The trailer was absolutely amazing and it really amazed me and a lot of people as well.

But, it was short-lived when people have actually played the game. According to most of the players I’ve talked to and even on the game’s subreddit, people were saddened because of the fact that the promotional video was different than the actual game.

Moreover, some planets are pretty much the same only in that some of them are distinguished by a different color.

It is sad to see that No Man’s Sky has suffered from a severe drop out in its player base but these issues are just so hard to overlook.

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game and is available on the PC and on the Playstation 4 game console.

Are you using an Android mobile phone? Are you using an app launcher for it? If so, I will recommend to you an Amazing app launcher in today’s article.

The Aviate App for Android mobile phones is one of the best app launchers today. Why? Because it has a very intelligent algorithm that presents you with suggestions based on what you’re currently doing on your mobile phone.

Now, a brief introduction on how App launchers work. You see, when you’re using the Stock Android app launcher, you’re probably treated with just a boring app drawer which houses all of your installed apps. They are fine for most people, but if you’re looking for extra productivity, the default Android App launcher is just minimal.

That is why App launchers have become very popular in recent years. App launchers not only offer you the ability to tweak the App drawer’s appearance but you can also do a lot of things such as search for a specific app, customize the entire interface of your phone, and so much more!

That is what a normal App launcher can do. But, the Aviate App for Android mobile phones is different; it actually presents you with information based on what you’re currently doing with your phone.

For example, you already have a music app installed on your mobile phone. Whenever you plug in your headphones into your mobile phone, the Aviate App for Android will automatically present you with apps that make use of your headphones such as your music app.

Not only that, but it can also present you with other options as well such as Spotify, or Netflix perhaps. This is probably the only launcher currently present in the Google Play Store that does this.

Apart from the ability to present you with app suggestions when doing certain things, the Aviate App for Android mobile phones also has a “Smart Stream” feature. Basically, what this feature does is it presents you with a stream of cards while you’re on your home screen. This cards can be edited depending on your preference but the default cards are the battery saver, sports scores, nearby attractions, and so much more.

The Aviate App for Android, as previously mentioned, has an intelligent algorithm that changes your home screen and interface based on the time of day. Just install the app and after one week, the app will know your location’s feel and it will adjust accordingly.

This app also handles notifications efficiently. For example, if you’re using a reminder app and you have notifications stating that you need to be somewhere at this time, the Aviate App for Android mobile phones will make it apparent enough so that you will not miss it.

And lastly, the Aviate App for Android makes use of their internal servers to know your location’s weather as well as other important local events. To do this, you need to have your mobile phone’s internet connectivity open. To ensure that this app’s feature will not be hampered due to low signal reception, get a mobile phone signal booster.

The Aviate App for Android is free and is available in the Google Play Store.