If you are trying to burn fat, you must have heard about Dr. Mehmet Oz who tries to promote all sorts if medical treatments, mostly the natural ones. In 2012, Dr OZ hosted an experiment called “Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner That Works!” as a result of that experiment (which proved that the extract works have made the sales of the extract to skyrocket ever since then. This Green Coffee Bean Extract has been described by many as a miracle pill that burns fats fast and effectively. The reason why the extract has been named a miracle pill is because those who take the pill are not required to change any of their habits like diet to achieve results. Dr. OZ experiment demonstrated that those who took the green coffee bean extract lost about 16% fat of the body without changing diet or being involved in new/additional exercises.

If taken daily, green coffee bean extract enormously boost one’s chances of losing weight. According to Dr OZ’s experiment on 100 women, those who took a daily supplement of green coffee bean lost twice as much weight as those who too placebo. So, what makes the green coffee bean extract so effective? It is because it contains an acid called Green coffee beans; also called chlorogenic acid. This acid is the integral part of the fat burning process because it signals the liver to burn stored fat. In addition to that, it reduces glucose by slowing the process of converting sugar into glucose. This means, less glucose in your blood will speed up the process of burning fat, and there will be no excess glucose to convert to fat later. In other words, not only does green coffee bean extract burn fat faster, its effects are long lasting.

As much as chlorogenic acid is prevalent in the green coffee bean, it can easily be lost or destroyed during roasting process. Therefore, roasted green coffee beans are not effective in losing weight. Therefore, it is advised that the process used to make green coffee bean extract should not involve a lot of heat that can destroy the acid. When shopping for this pill, you should ensure that you are buying a genuine green coffee bean extract, and not something that is filled with other things. Essentially, you should read the label careful to ascertain that the extract contains 45% chlorogenic acid and that each capsule should be at least 400 mg. Beware of scams that come up with over-the-top claims because the internet has no shortage of such scams. The most important thing is to buy a genuine coffee bean extract; one that will guarantee you results irrespective of the price instead of trading your life with concoctions that could be a health risk.